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how fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes

So I'm completely failing to keep up with LJ lately. I just feel like nothing really exciting is happening in my life, so why should I post? I go to work and go to trivia and play Warcraft and crochet, mostly.

Hair update: Purple, in a little section on either side of my face. It makes me happy but a small child ran away from me today when I asked her if she liked it. Oh well.

I hit halfway in my NaNo today, which is a) ahead of schedule and b) 2000 words ahead of my mother, who got roped into doing NaNo this year, too. Her story has the potential to be awesome, though--I remember her making it up ages ago, and it creeped me right out when I was in middle school.

Speaking of creepy shit, anybody read Anna Dressed in Blood? It's like an early episode of Supernatural, with a side of OH GOD WHAT THE HELL WHY AM I READING THIS AT ONE A.M.?! I'm almost finished with it but I am literally afraid to read it when I'm the only person awake in my house. (I also found out that there's going to be a sequel, because nobody in the YA industry can write a goddamn stand-alone novel anymore. Everything's a freaking trilogy. I didn't ask for a long-term commitment when I picked this book up! /rant)

Tomorrow I am visiting Lisa and Jim in Indianapolis! And I finally get to meet their ridiculously adorable pug dog, and make flammable desserts and things!

If I never return, you may assume I accidentally killed myself with a creme brulee torch. :D



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