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So I just watched Titanic in 3D with my cousin, and it was like paying twelve dollars to get punched in the soul.

I'm not kidding. The last time I saw the whole movie I was probably 12 or 13. I saw it in the theater, and we had the video, but after the first time I basically watched it up until the ship hits the iceberg and then turned it off. Shallow teen me had the right idea.

The first half is nice and fun and kinda cheesy--Leo and Kate are surprisingly good, even if the dialogue is sometimes hilariously awful. And Bill Paxton with that earring--what are you doing, you should be chasing tornadoes!

And then there's the iceberg, and it's so. Goddamn. Upsetting. As a tween, I was all "Oh, Leo's dreamy! Their-love-is-so-tragic-omg!" And now all of the actual tragedy comes up and punches you in the face. There's just so much that I never picked up on--the baker on the keel (who was real! and survived!), Rose's maid almost making it into the boat, the fact that Rose let her mother think she'd died...

The 3D is not gratuitous, which I really thought it would be. There was one brief angle where the keel is rising up and you can see the railing and the sea below and the perspective was actually kind of dizzying.

It was intense and cathartic and I'm glad I went, but I'm okay waiting another five or ten years before I watch it again. I am just kind of drained now.
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pink moon gonna get you all

So a new Temeraire book came out. In fact, it has been out for more than a month and I am a librarian and I didn't know this. Oh god, fail. (Okay, so maybe the rural redneck appetite for dragons-in-the-Napoleonic-era is not as large as I would have hoped.)

So I found out at work today and obviously flipped out, for I must have it! And of course my county library doesn't have it anywhere, and the next county over has all their copies checked out with a waiting list, because apparently Cincinnati is cooler than I thought.

Okay, so my library options were out. I would simply have to buy it. I didn't really want to get the Kindle edition, since my other six books are in print and you can't just change format in the middle of a series! Plus, I saw that the Kindle price was $13 and I physically recoiled. The actual physical hardcover copy of the book (with deckle edges!) was only $15.50. And I have gift cards, so that should work, right?

Oh, it won't ship until Monday? And then the cheap shipping is an extra 5 days on top of that? Well, boo.

Next step: Check Walmart, because it's the only place within 20 miles I can actually purchase a book. Listed price: $14.40! Woo! But it's online only, and it would take a full week to have it shipped to my store. Ugh.

How about Barnes and Noble? Sure, it's like an hour-long round trip, but it's also right across the street from an ice-cream shop, and that's never a bad thing...

The website says $15.50, same as Amazon. So I call and ask them to hold a copy for me, figuring I can run out after work and get it. And just as I'm about to hang up, I get an itchy feeling and I ask her to confirm the price for me.

The in-store price is $25.

So to clarify. I am supposed to pay Barnes and Noble an extra $10 for the privilege of driving 30 miles each way on $3.80-per-gallon gas, paying to park, and browsing the goddamn store where I might have bought something else as well!

Yeah. That'll keep your brick-and-mortar stores in existence. Good job, guys.
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the wind in the wires made a tattletale sound

Okay, take two: Being a decent LJ friend.

I have no excuse, except that I keep falling behind in my LJ reading and feeling guilty, so I avoid LJ and the guilty feelings, so I feel more guilty, so I avoid LJ, and...

Also, my soul got swallowed by Reddit and its instant gratification/cat .gifs/rage comics. It happens sometimes.

So I went on a community-purge, deleting all the communities that I don't really participate in but haven't bothered to go in and delete from my list. Also the people who have long ago deleted their journals. Now it is better! I only have the stuff I read and the stuff that is still active (seriously, when was the last time I watched an episode of Lost? Season 3? Yeah, I don't need those comms on here anymore...)

Also there were like a dozen people who friended me that I never friended back. Hi, guys! Sorry I suck at remembering things like "hey, friend the nice people back!"

Hair has red bangs now--we're talking technicolor Little Mermaid red. Just in time for the Reds' opening day tomorrow, which I will be listening to on the radio because a) I have to work and b) I don't have a zillion dollars for opening day tickets.

So. Uh, hi? We're all fine, here, are you?
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Prodigal librarian?

So...I haven't posted in 2012. Yeah.

I'm alive! I'm working at my hometown library branch, or "exactly where I was four years ago before I went to grad school, but I'm making like $4 extra bucks an hour, so that's good."

I have a Hunger Games program tomorrow that I'm super-jazzed about. I am as always concerned that:

1. Nobody will come, and it will suck.
2. Everybody will come, and it will suck.
3. It will suck.

But I'm giving away a set of the books, which are so popular that I've never actually seen a copy on the shelf, so that's got to bring in some people, right? Also we're "roasting" marshmallow bunnies over fires built out of pretzel sticks, among other activities.

Guys, my self-esteem revolves around the approval of a group of teenagers. What is my life?

I would have an existential crisis, but Squeeful and I are watching a flapper murder mystery, so I don't have time. ;)

How are you all? What is life like? What have I missed while I was hiding from the Internet? Tell me news!
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Merry Ruttin' Christmas...have a poem.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the 'verse
Not a whisper was heard, neither blessing nor curse.
Kaylee was nestled all snug in her bed,
While dreams of new engine parts danced in her head.

Mal slept alone, and Wash with his wife,
And Jayne with a rifle, two Colts and a knife.
And all through Serenity's alcoves and rooms
Pervaded a silence as if of a tomb.

And that's when she rose from a make-believe rest
And set out to finish her fanciful quest.
Barefoot and silent the River did flow
With arms full of baubles and gifts to bestow.

For Book a new Bible, the better to pray
(All full of mistakes, but he liked it that way.)
For Wash she'd obtained a toy goose he could juggle,
For Simon more drugs that she thought they could smuggle.

To Mal she gave riddles, Inara the clues
To help them along--there was nothing to lose.
For Zoe's thick curls, a dinosaur clip;
For Jayne a new pistol with custom-made grip.

She paused for a moment outside Kaylee's door
And laid a new grav boot right there on the floor.
Then giving her gifts a last satisfied glance,
Away through the ship she did silently dance.

But Book who was praying could not quite ignore
The shadow she made as she passed by his door.
And he heard her declare ere she stole out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight."
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how fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes

So I'm completely failing to keep up with LJ lately. I just feel like nothing really exciting is happening in my life, so why should I post? I go to work and go to trivia and play Warcraft and crochet, mostly.

Hair update: Purple, in a little section on either side of my face. It makes me happy but a small child ran away from me today when I asked her if she liked it. Oh well.

I hit halfway in my NaNo today, which is a) ahead of schedule and b) 2000 words ahead of my mother, who got roped into doing NaNo this year, too. Her story has the potential to be awesome, though--I remember her making it up ages ago, and it creeped me right out when I was in middle school.

Speaking of creepy shit, anybody read Anna Dressed in Blood? It's like an early episode of Supernatural, with a side of OH GOD WHAT THE HELL WHY AM I READING THIS AT ONE A.M.?! I'm almost finished with it but I am literally afraid to read it when I'm the only person awake in my house. (I also found out that there's going to be a sequel, because nobody in the YA industry can write a goddamn stand-alone novel anymore. Everything's a freaking trilogy. I didn't ask for a long-term commitment when I picked this book up! /rant)

Tomorrow I am visiting Lisa and Jim in Indianapolis! And I finally get to meet their ridiculously adorable pug dog, and make flammable desserts and things!

If I never return, you may assume I accidentally killed myself with a creme brulee torch. :D

The True Confessions of Raymond Doyle, 1/3

Title: The True Confessions of Raymond Doyle, or, Sea-I5
Author: Sarah K/tears_of_nienna
Artist/Vidder: Gvenanne
Genre: AU, historical, slash
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Word Count: 30,400
Warnings: Temporary character death.
Summary: When Raymond Doyle boards a merchant ship to America, he expects a tedious but uneventful journey. He does not expect mutiny, murder, and the likes of William Bodie. When desperation drives Doyle to join the crew, he finds that a sailor's life suits him well, but there are enemies on board who will do all they can to see him fail.

Thanks: To gvenanne--what amazing, gorgeous, incredible artwork. I am still atwitter every time I look at her pieces. From the front cover to the back and everything in between--thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To squeeful for endless encouragement and historical fashion advice--any remaining errors are my own.

Notes: Based shamelessly on The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, by Avi. I'm pretty sure this one's in no danger of winning a Newbery Honor, though.

A brief explanation of ship's time, including the watches, can be found here.

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